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Burn Free - Burn Products

Burn Free Bottle
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Burn Free Dressing
Trauma Blanket
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·  Dissipates heat on contact
·  Cools the burn site, relieves pain, calms the burn victim, help stop the burn progression
·  Covers the burn, helps to prevent contamination, begins the healing process
·  Does not evaporate, cools through transference of the heat into the gel system
·  Portable, easy to use, completely water soluble
·  Meets ANSI standard for water- based burn treatment
·  Is an important management tool that improves employee care and reduces liability

Product Features, Ingredients

·  BURNFREE is a highly viscous gel that effectively stays on a burn injury rather than running off the wound as water would. It is easily absorbed into the matrix of the wool fire blanket and the open celled foam used in the sterile dressings, to cool the injury effectively.
·  BURNFREE is 95% water based and is 100% water soluble, which means it rinses off completely from a burn injury for any further examination and treatment.
·  BURNFREE contains no drugs. It is classified as a Medical Device by the U.S. FDA and by the European Community. It also carries the "CE" mark as required in Europe.
·  BURNFREE carries trace amounts of a natural extract called Melaleuca Alternafolia, or Tea Tree Oil. This extract is considered in many countries to have natural anti-germicidal features, which help to prevent infection and promote healing
·  BURNFREE contains anti-evaporative, thickening and preservative agents to maintain the gels viscosity and efficacy
·  BURNFREE Dressings are sterile and utilize a foam pad that holds the gel and keeps it in place at the wound site.
·  BURNFREE blankets utilize a worsted wool blanket soaked in the gel that designed to hold 12 times it weight in gel and can be used both for rescue and escape as well as first aid.
·  BURNFREE blankets meet the same specifications under ANSI standards as a traditional Fire Blanket, while still being considered a medical device for first aid on burns.
·  BURNFREE Blankets, sterile dressings and sterile single dose packettes all utilize the same advanced gel formulation without the use of drugs.

Expiration Dating

·  All BURNFREE products have expiration dates to insure product quality and efficacy. Some of the products are required to have dates printed on them under FDA regulations, while others don't require them to be printed. As a general rule, products that carry a date will exhibit that date on the label affixed while products without a date stamped carry a 5 year expiry date from the date of manufacture.

·  Fire Blanket, Sterile Dressings, and unitized single dose have five year shelf lives. Topical creams and ointments which have active ingredients have 3 year dating. Items such as waterless hand sanitizers do not require shelf life indications.

Cooling, Pain Relief, Removal, and Drug Reactions

·  BURNFREE in the single dose packet and 118 ml bottle is a topical gel designed for small areas or "Spot Burns". Both should be applied in a thick, viscous layer to provide immediate cooling and long lasting relief.
·  BURNFREE Dressings and Blankets use this small gel impregnated in a carrier which when applied is easily removed at the medical facility with plain water.
·  BURNFREE never uses any of the anesthetic drugs such as lidocaine in its formulation that can cause allergic reactions or is prohibited by many local regulations worldwide.

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